"Over 15 years ago I bought the "Guardian" from Vanessa - she spent time with me choosing the right frame and making sure it was the perfect fit for my home. At the time I lived alone in the country and it hung at the top of my stairs to protect me! Fast forward many moves later he now hangs in my lounge in Scotland! Not a day goes by that I don't enjoy that picture! I hope you come to experience Vanessa's art in the same way - she is truly talented and will travel with you wherever life may lead."

Libby Barr

"I first met Vanessa when she was a portfolio carrying 6th Former, even then her work made an impression upon me. I've always considered her work to be brave. Her latest output is in my mind uncompromising and bold. This is where she seems to be right now but then again her work has always been true and she continues to be an explorer... I've enjoyed joining her on this journey through her painting. I'm lucky enough to have a number of her Seascapes in my home and I'm often happily 'lost at sea' when I take the time to sit with them."

Ken Finn

"Vanessa's art work has been a part of my home for many years and I hope for many years more. I love that it speaks to me in many ways, calming, poignant, but above all enigmatic. One day I see a forest, the next a church spire in the distance, another a stormy sky. It's layers and mood always draw me back time and again., challenging me to solve its mystery."

Andrea Daniels

"I bought one of Vanessa's paintings at Vodafone's first Art Exhibition.
It was the use of colour and the shapes in the painting that I particularly liked when I first saw it. It's a very peaceful piece and friends often comment on it when they visit."

Simon Williams

"I purchased a picture from Vanessa's first solo show 'The Dominating Factor' which now seems like another era. I loved the abstract imagery, the colour and the impact it had on me which was almost immediate. Its now in it's 4th home and still very much part of the family. People often ask me what the image is, that's quite a difficult conversation with young children."

Keith Varty